"We break down walls so that
we can breakthrough in our businesses."

- Cynthia Chiam




We are located in downtown Mandalay, just a few minutes ride from places like Diamond Plaza, MICT park, and Mandalay Palace. There also are quite a number of eateries, both Western and Eastern cuisines, within our immediate surroundings. Perfect neighbourhood to take your business partner out for a meal after a business meeting, or have a drink with your colleague to celebrate the hard work for the day. You can also enjoy various local food or buy groceries for your dinner.

You can have office desk or coffee table, and we also prepared a room that can hold up to 5 people as a meeting room in case you need to hold a team discussion. Our place can be converted into a seminar hall that can hold up to 20 people for small seminar, event, and meetup.

Also, if you are the type to start a day with a cup of coffee, you are in for a treat. Free flow coffee and Japanese Green Tea are on the house. Find a spot, enjoy the drinks, and get your work done comfortably.


Mandalay Address

Digital Laboratory Myanmar

No. (5), Between 31X32 and 67th street,

Win Yin Mon Mini Condominium (2), 3rd Floor,

Chan Aye Thar Zan, Mandalay, Myanmar

Phone number:  +959951496610