Core Values of Coworking

Core Values of Coworking

Core Values of Coworking

6月 12, 2019


The value of community is all about accommodating to fellow coworkers and creating friendly bonds between each other. This value has proven to be incredibly useful as a huge testament to the success of coworking is because of the focus on relationship building and fostering interactions between coworkers. Putting a strong emphasis on community is very important because as members of the coworking community become close, the friendships will then allow further collaboration and mutual benefits to all coworkers.


Coworking spaces are open. This doesn’t necessarily mean that a physical coworking space has high ceilings and long lines of available desk space. What it does mean is that the people who work in coworking spaces are open-minded when it comes to other members of the community, making it easy for everyone to feel like they fit in. Openness also means that people renting coworking space are generally prepared to accept what’s unexpected. In a coworking space, you never know who you’ll work next to, what you’ll learn or what you’ll get involved with from day to day. Being open to the unexpected often makes leasing coworking space rewarding for many community members.


Coworking spaces give their members the opportunity to work with people across industries without having to conform to set corporate culture. The task of creating a business is no easy job and with it comes to its fair share of struggles and confusion. That is why collaboration is key. It is necessary that each coworker feels like they have the ability to reach out to other fellow coworkers and ask for guidance on specific topics. And they know that they will be able to give and receive help on a mutual level. This exchange further provides them opportunities to learn from other coworkers, which is highly valued information.


Coworking is flexible, it has no limits, and it is accessible to everyone. It is a determining fact in the co-workers’ productivity and their professional fulfillment. Coworker who wishes to work a few days at home does not need approval to do so. He masters his own workload and schedule. coworking creates spaces were people meet, where competence and creativity are master words and sharing is the rule.


Sustainability refers to community members supporting, nourishing and lifting each other to even greater levels of success. It’s about giving, about contributing, for it is through these actions that the community itself – made up of individual people – is sustained.  Much of this happens organically, serendipitously, as members of a coworking community work in close proximity to each other. The conversation turns into collaboration. One member overhears a conversation about website content curating and joins to offer some tips he learned in a recent class. Another needs a PHP programmer for a project and finds one looking for work at the next table. A member with a well-established business and local connections sees promise in a new member and takes him under her wing. Next thing you know, that new member’s business is growing and he is now reaching out to help others. There’s a “pay it forward” vibe to a sustainable coworking community.


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